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4th New York Global Music Competition

  • Preliminary round: October 20th, 2024 (Video submission)

  • Final round: November 3rd, 2024 (Video submission)

Winners Concerts: January 11th, 2025 (Carnegie Hall, New York)

Carnegie Hall Winners Concert on January 11th, 2025 at 7pm

Carnegie Hall Winners Concert on January 11th, 2025 at 1pm
NY Global Music

NY Global Music

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Welcome to New York

Carnegie Hall has set the international standard for musical excellence as the aspirational destination for the world's finest artists.

The music of New York is a diverse and important field in the world of music. It has long been a thriving home for genres such as classical, jazz, rock, soul music, funk, and disco. It is the birthplace of hip hop, garage house, boogaloo, doo wop, bebop, punk rock, and new wave. It is also the birthplace of salsa music, born from a fusion of Cuban and Puerto Rican influences that came together in New York's Latino neighborhoods in the 1960s.


The city's culture, a melting pot of nations from around the world, has produced vital folk music scenes such as Irish-American music and Jewish klezmer. Beginning with the rise of popular sheet music in the early 20th century, New York's Broadway musical theater, and Tin Pan Alley's songcraft, New York has been a major part of the American music industry.

Today, we introduce you to the New York Global Music Competition at Carnegie Hall.  Since it opened in 1891, Carnegie Hall has set the international standard for musical excellence as the aspirational destination for the world's finest artists.



Music holds limitless possibilities for everyone. For some, it is what gives them joy, and for others, it is an art. Music is one of the very few tools that can defy language barriers and serve as a great equalizer for humanity. 

At New York Global Music, we are not only passionate about music and its enormous potential but also committed to ensuring that everyone is adequately educated about the vast potentials music holds. In line with this, we offer excellent platforms for young and upcoming musicians to learn fully about music, and how it can help them define their lives. 

Rather than seeking the best or glory for the winner, this educative contest fosters cooperation between various cultures and productive relationships that breed inspirations and ideas.


We are not about the competition alone: we want to infuse a touch of rich experience and feeling that comes with various

forms of music. Thus, we are looking forward to working with musicians with musical talents, who will serve as viable bridges of connection to our mission and vision. 

After due consultation and consideration, we have come up with a panel of judges that comprises renowned musicians and educators from Julliard Music School, Curtis Institute of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Yale University, New York University, and New York Philharmonic. 




The Winner's Gala is slated to hold at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. The competition doesn't stop at the stage as we have created plans to sustain the progress of these emerging talents, by letting them set sail into the endless ocean of global music after the contest.  


Our post-competition arrangements include:

  • Multiple master classes hosted by well-known music professionals from top universities and conservatories worldwide;

  • Educational workshops for students of all ages, as well as their parents, centering on different topics;

  • Dedicated workshops for children with special needs.

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